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4x4x7, 4x5x7, 4x6x7, 5x5x7, 5x6x7 ++

Voice over booths, phone booths for telemarketing and calls, audiology rooms and hearing tests, rehearsel rooms and practice rooms!

Portable EZ Go Booths Starting At $599!


2" foam - Thick absorbing panels - 6ft tall!

Great for treating your entire room instead of investing thousands into acoustic foam, surround your microphone instead!

Acoustic Foam - Sound Diffusers & More!


Over 10 Colors, Lowest prices!


4x4 Isolation Booth Assembly Time Lapse

Isolation booth details:


-Solid Door (9 lite) with windows

-2" pyramid Foam (purple) looks blue in video*

-Wheel base

-Laminated floors

-Standard Basic Trim Package (4 corner pieces)

 (Premium trim package has 4 more pieces)

-Sub floor layering (increased db reduction from


-Stock Black exterior



Total wall thickness = 4 1/2" (with acoustic foam)


Average DB reduction = 68DB




-Audio recording for music and animation / voice over work.