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Custom 4x4x7 Assembly (15 minutes) *Upgraded foam*

This 4x4x7 is our newest style of vocal booths, no screws or glue is used to asseble walls, floor and ceiling.  They simply slide and lock in place.  Walls weigh roughly 80-100 lbs so the help of a friend is great!  What you don't see in this video are corner placings that will hide the corners of the exterior, these corner panels attach with screws and are included in every booth.  They are optional, you will get 7% more sound blocking by using them but you don't need to put them on.  Here are this booths sound test ratings:


HZ      125                  250                       500                      1000                       2000                         4000          


DB      25                    32                          42                          48                            49                               56


The numbers above are the DB reduction at those frequencies, this vocal booth features a hollow core door, 2" vicoustic tile foam and stock black carpet.  To maximize noise reduction, a solid door and exterior bass panels as upgrades would boost these numbers significantly.  These upgrades would be $700.00

What's Your Budget?

Under $1K $3k - $4k $4k - $6k

6 ft. tall and up to 6 ft. wide!  Available in over 8 colors as well!  This portable vocal isolations booth is a MUST have for the home studio!