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A QC Acoustics Company

COVID 19 UPDATE:  We are still operational during the COVID 19 to complete any custom orders coming in, our operation is small so our turn around times may be increased.  Some of our vendors are closed until further notice which might increase turn around time on certain add ons.  Our isolation booths will still be shipped within our normal 15 business day window unless notified otherwise.

How do I order?

When ready, our team will send you an invoice via email which you can pay with a credit / debit card or setup ACH payment using a bank to bank transfer.  All orders must go through a thorough processing time which may take up to 5 business days to complete.  We ensure that all transactions are done with no fraud included, this is for your safety and ours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my order?

Once processing is complete and we begin fabrication of your order we cannot offer any refunds, it is best to be sure you are ready to commit to an order as our items are all custom hand made furniture items.  

What is your turn around time?

Typical times for turn around are 7-15 business days including the processing times.  Depending on your location in the World you may wait an additional 15 days for your shipment to arrive.  If you are dealing with Customs it may be longer.  We cannot guarantee any freight shipping times as there could be many road delays.

How does my order arrive?

With a standard freight shipment you will receive a large pallet / crate.  All the panels and hardware are included on the pallet for the booth, you will need to inspect these items before the driver departs to ensure no damages are present.  If you paid for "Install" our team will make the delivery and install the unit including assembly of all hardware components, add ons and upgrades.

How much sound does a booth block out?

Our standard model features 2 1/2" walls, a steel flush door and acoustic fabric wrapped panels.  This model reduces an average of 59DB of noise, you can purchase add ons / upgrades to raise this to 69DB in reduction.  We offer the most customizable options and highest DB reduction on the market, and this is WORLDWIDE.  

Do you have a warranty?

We provide a 3 year manufactures warranty on all items made and distributed by our team.  For acoustic foam, vent fans, lighting and small hardware components they are covered under a 1 year warranty.

Do you have a Guarantee?

Our booths are tested in a recording studio to calibrate the DB of reduction.  We guarantee that your booth will perform in its numbers as advertised or else we will come out and hand fix it, ship replacement parts and ensure it will work to our advertised numbers.  You can perform the tests yourself but a certified audio engineer will need to do the analyzing of data.

How do I assemble the booth?

Our booths are designed to be built and broken down over years to come, and have been tested to ensure they will not fail after many years of abuse.  We send instructions on assembly, the help of a friend is needed as these panels are heavy and akward to carry.  Assembly for a 4x3 unit may take 1-2 hours including all add ons and hardware.  

My booth was damaged by freight, what are my options?

It may seem stressful to have some damage by freight but do not worry yourself you are covered.  We purchase insurance for every shipment, there is a process but we make it easy to manage.  Keep in mind cosmetic damages are most common and easy to repair, our booths are very strong and do not break easily.  You will need to address those damages on the BOL with the freight driver, then assemble the booth to the best you can.  Take images of the damages on the pallet as well as images of the assembled product.  If it is in working order we will send out repair items for damages, and file a claim with freight.  If your booth cannot be fully assembled we inspect it to see where the problem lies and replace / repair that item.  Keep in mind that we have a very low amount of damaged product, as low as 2% of our shipment get damaged but we do have a process and ensure you that we will fix the booth.